Flu Vaccinations

Flu jabs in Kilburn are now available at Bliss Chemist.

The flu vaccine is a vaccination against the Influenza Virus. Most people receive this vaccination as an injection or jab when they are in primary or secondary school. Younger children often receive the vaccination via nasal spray.

The flu vaccine is, without doubt, the single best protection against catching the flu. If you live in the Kilburn area get your flu jabs at Bliss Chemist today.

Nonetheless, it is possible to catch a separate strain of the flu virus that is not included in the general flu vaccine. However, if you do still catch the flu, the vaccination will still provide some protection and meaning you will probably recover more quickly in comparison to those who have not been vaccinated.

Who Should Have The Flu Vaccination?

In 2021, it is highly recommended that everyone gets vaccinated if possible, specifically if you were isolating during the coronavirus lockdown due to having Covid symptoms.

Having the jab will help protect you from:

– Spreading the Flu
– Catching the Flu

Additionally, reducing the number of people suffering from the flu massively reduces the strain on the NHS in such a tumultuous period.

Who Shouldn’t Have The Flu Jab?

You will not be able to receive the flu vaccination if:

– You are currently unwell with a fever.
– You have an egg allergy.

Make sure you contact your GP or pharmacist prior to booking an appointment.

For those who belong to higher risk groups, you qualify for a free vaccine. If you are in one of the following categories you may be entitled to a free vaccination:

– Adults over the age of 65
– Primary school children
– Children aged between 2 and 3
– Frontline health or social care workers
– Pregnant women
– People with certain medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or chronic heart disease

The vaccine can lead to some relatively mild side effects such as:

– Sore arms
– Runny nose
– Headache
– Tiredness
– Fever

For all the information you need, be sure to contact Bliss Chemist today