Consultation Room Hire

Clinic Rooms Available For Hire. Suitable for all health professionals, including GPs.

Bliss Chemist now offers newly available consultation rooms for hire, perfect for doctors, chiropractors, chiropodists, physiotherapists, counselling services, and other allied health professionals seeking a professional and convenient space to meet their clients.

Professional and Fully Equipped Spaces

Our consultation rooms at Bliss Chemist are designed to meet the highest standards of comfort and functionality. Each room comes with a selection of essential amenities., ensuring a professional environment for your practice.

Whether you are a doctor needing a space for patient consultations, a chiropractor or physiotherapist requiring room for physical assessments, or a counsellor seeking a private and serene setting, our rooms cater to diverse needs. One of our rooms is compliant with CQC (Care Quality Commission) standards, ensuring it meets all necessary regulations for quality and safety.

Flexible Booking and Competitive Rates

Bliss Chemist understands the importance of flexibility for health professionals. That’s why we offer various booking options, from hourly slots to long-term leases, allowing you to choose what best fits your schedule and practice demands.

Our competitive rates make it affordable for solo practitioners and larger health teams alike. Additionally, our prime location ensures easy access for your clients, enhancing their overall experience. Book a consultation room with us today and take advantage of a supportive, well-appointed space tailored to your professional needs.

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