Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Emergency hormonal contraception commonly known as the “morning after pill” is available in our pharmacy, either with or without a prescription.

The emergency contraceptive pill is most effective if it is taken as soon as possible after you have had unprotected intercourse, but can be taken up to 72hours afterwards; however, the sooner the better.

If you need emergency hormonal contraceptive advice you can speak with our Pharmacist, either in person or informally by phone. After a more formal, but discreet and private consultation with our Pharmacist in our Consultation Room, if it is considered appropriate and safe, we can provide you with this form of contraception.

We will never ask you about the circumstances which have led to you seeking contraception advice but we will need to ask you some general medical questions to make sure emergency hormonal contraception is suitable for you to take.

Emergency hormonal contraception is extremely safe with no serious side effects and if it was to fail, and you become pregnant, it has not been shown to affect the pregnancy or harm the developing baby in anyway