Free Blood Pressure Check

Did you know that Bliss Chemist now offers free blood pressure checks in Kilburn for our local customers. Blood pressure is an important health marker but most people have no idea whether their blood pressure is normal or high.

What is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure describes the force with which the heart pushes blood around your body (systolic) and the resistance by the blood vessels (diastolic). We represent blood pressure using two numbers represents these markers. For example, 110/70.

Your blood pressure is high if the systolic pressure is 140 or more and the diastolic pressure is 90 or more.

You are more at risk of high blood pressure if you:

– Are over 65
– Are overweight
– Don’t exercise enough
– Have a high salt diet without enough fresh fruit or vegetables.
– Have a family history of high hypertension
– Smoke
– Drink too much alcohol or caffeine
– Are of African or Caribbean ancestry

Stress and poor sleep may also contribute to high blood pressure.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a risk factor for developing a number of serious conditions such as:

– Heart disease

– Heart attack

– Strokes

– Kidney disease

– Vascular dementia

So knowing your blood pressure is important for lowering your risk of developing more serious conditions. High blood pressure doesn’t offer any symptoms so the only way to know is with a blood pressure check.

How do I get a free check?

Contact Bliss Chemist to check your blood pressure in for free. Having your blood pressure measured is simple, non-invasive and quick. The consulting pharmacist will wrap a special sleeve around your upper arm and fasten with velcro. Then the machine will whirr and will inflate the sleeve and measure your blood pressure.

You’ll have your results within minutes and the pharmacist will let you know whether your blood pressure is normal, high (or low). We will also offer advice on what to do if your blood pressure is higher than ideal.

You can contact the pharmacy to arrange an appointment for your free blood pressure check.